About Us

Wheeler Accessories Ltd. is a family-owned Canadian business that has been producing specialized Nurses Bags for over 25 years.

When Mark left the Canadian Forces in 1985, he and his partner, Ingrid, relocated to New Brunswick, Canada. They established their factory in Fredericton, a 10 min drive from CFB Gagetown.

The business started with Mark creating a line of highly functional tactical field gear for the Canadian Armed Forces. Being in close proximity to Canada’s largest combat arms training centre enabled constant feedback from the soldiers which helped refine his designs. This military division, CPGear, has grown to be a major source of field gear for Canadian soldiers. Check out our huge line of military organizers, packs, bags, field boots, glasses, etc. at www.cpgear.com! If you’re in the area, come visit the Wheeler Factory Store at 1971 Lincoln Rd, Fredericton!

Our medical division, was started by Mark Wheeler back in 1990. The lack of practical, rugged and lightweight Nurses Bags for the local Extra-Mural Hospital program spurred him into designing a line of Nursing Bags and related products like blood kits etc. This led to numerous requests across Canada for Nursing bags custom designed to a group’s specific criteria. Since we offer embroidery, a lot of our customers have their bags personalized with their organization’s logo.

All production, from design to finished product, is done within Canada and the USA which includes embroidery and custom services. We are proud to say that we have an incredible team of sewers and assembly staff at our factory’s that have been with us for many years. Their dedication to creating the best product possible has been integral to the success of our business.

Our reputation is based on three principles:

There’s nothing hidden here, our NursesBag products are designed in Canada and are created from Canadian and U.S. labour and materials. We use the best quality materials we can find and make our products as durable as possible – no cutting corners.

Customer Satisfaction

we believe in treating our customers in a personable manner. Nowadays we converse with most of our customers through email or by phone. But that doesn’t stop us from treating everybody in an “over-the-counter fashion”, regardless of where they are located. You’ll get a “live” person whenever you call during Store Hours! All our NurseBag products come with a 10 Year Guarantee against defects in material or workmanship.

We Listen… a lot!
Here at NursesBag.com, we strive to make our products a true reflection of what our customers ask for. We pride ourselves on being able to flex with the needs of our users on practically a daily basis. Every day, between 10 and 10:15am, managers from our Design, Purchasing, Product Development and Shipping Departments meet to discuss production priorities, customer requests (including product mods), new and upcoming designs.

Mark Wheeler