Our Guarantee


A 10 Year Guarantee – What’s that?

Simple. No hassles.
All Sewn NursesBag products come with 10 Years of Support.

FREE repair of Hardware, Zippers and Velcro
FREE repair Stitching of Seams

Note: We do not repair/replace products damaged from unreasonable use or improper cleaning

So you’re wondering …why not a Lifetime Warranty – everybody else seems to have one?!

Well, because frankly, it sounds too good to be true and that’s the point. It doesn’t really say anything and creates a large gray area that basically leaves it up to the manufacturer to decide if they want to repair/replace the product for free.

First of all the question is “Whose lifetime are we talking about?” – at first glance, it sounds like the life of the customer – but then if you reflect that would be unreasonable – so what they’re talking about is the Life of the bag or pack. Well, now that’s a can of worms! I mean what’s the life expectancy of a bag?! To clarify things the manufacturer would have to provide you with age limits on their varied products so you could add this to your criteria when selecting a product. In most cases, manufacturers that give a Lifetime Warranty, define the life of the bag as “the period of time it takes for the bag to deteriorate, through normal use, until it can no longer function for the purpose intended”. So this gives the manufacturer the leverage to give different warranties for the same bag – say, 2 years to one customer and 6 years to another.

Well, we don’t agree. We want our guarantee to be simple and clear. The fact is, we make our products really strong! They’re made from the best materials and hardware available and are stitched together with stringent specifications. We make them to LAST -when we send you one of our designs…we don’t want it back!

We feel you should get at least ten years of reliable use from our sewn products, without worrying about repairs, cleaning, etc. This doesn’t mean our products will “bite the dust” after ten years – quite the contrary. We have packs, briefcases, bags and wallets out there over twenty years old and they’re still being used!